Designing with love, an exclusive nature, culture & heritage inspired collection of Apparels.

Designing with love, an exclusive nature, culture & heritage inspired collection of Apparels.

About Us 

Tabi Socks are a traditional type of Japanese socks that people have been wearing since the 15th century in the county with a thong footwear. This has become famous worldwide for the comfort and many health benefits that it offers. The Tabi Socks provide great benefits to the spine and back of the wearers. Further, it is said to improve digestion owing to its acupuncture meridians situated between the toe area of the socks. The Tabi Socks split comes with a reliable split for the large toe so that one may easily wear this comfortable variety of socks. Where to find the best Tabi Socks in this modern age? Here at our company, Mamci Design. We are one of the most popular manufacturers and exporters of such comfy socks. Our range comprising Ladies Tabi Socks, Traditional Tabi Socks, Japanese Traditional Tabi Socks and Ladies Plain Tabi Socks is appreciated for its high quality, exceptional design accuracy and reliable stitching. The socks are high shrinkage resistant and showcase phenomenal colorfastness in the long run. One can order these socks in bulk quantity from our enterprise at any time. 

Ethical Business Approach

To become a globally respected name, one must not just focus on catering to the demands of clients but also providing them extra benefits. How one can do that? In case of our company, we focus all of our efforts towards rendering an ethical performance in the market. This ethical approach to business effects our overall way of working on a regular basis. Following stringent ethical business policy of the enterprise, we offer professional support to customers and treat them in a fair manner at all times. We never back down from our promises and please customers with perfection. 

What Makes Us Special?

Our enterprise is a highly respected name in the sector and we are applauded for several reasons including:  
  • Our impressive ability to consistently assure a perfect compliance with the industrial standards and guidelines.
  • Our exceptionally punctual way of working which allows us to deliver our Japanese Traditional Tabi Socks, Tabi Socks, etc., to clients on time.
  • Our rigorous adherence to fair trade laws of the domestic country as well as foreign countries we trade in.
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